St. Nepomuk Chapel Zhianjo

Nepomuk Chapel Geiselbullach

St. Nepomuk Chapel Geiselbullach

  St. Nepomuk Chapel

In the city of Olching (district Geiselbullach), near München, there is the St. Nepomuk Chapel (1726). In 1724 the Duke Max Emanuel give a huge area of land for agricultural purposes to Councillor Adam Geisler. For that Adam Geisler was granted the Title of "von Geiselbullach". After he had his title Geisler build a small castle with a park and a chapel (1726). The chapel was dedicated to the Holy Nepomuk. John of Nepomuk was born in the year 1345 in a small place called Pomuk (the name was changed later in Nepomuk) and he was drowned in the Vitava river on the 20th of march 1393. It is said that he was the confessor of the Queen of Bohemia and that he refused to tell the confessions to Wenceslaus King of the Romans and of Bohemia. Because of the way he died he is now the protector of floods and drowning. The paintings on the ceiling of the Chapel are in Rococo style.St. Nepomuk ChapelSt. Nepomuk ChapelSt. Nepomuk Chapel

St. Nepomuk Chapel Geiselbullach


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