Kuchlbauer Tower Abensberg Zhianjo

Kuchlbauer Turm Abensberg

Kuchlbauer Tower Abensberg

Kuchlbauer Turm

35 meters high and shining that's the Kuchlbauer Tower. When you drive in to the German town Abensberg you just follow that big shiny golden onion untill you reach it. You can't miss it the landmark of Abensberg. Friedensreich Hundertwasser did a great job when he put this tower on paper. Everything he was standing for you see that back in this tower. He wanted nice, round and shiny buildings in a enviroment from green plants and trees. Nothing is the same, nothing is strait and nothing is what you think it is. The colourful pillars, they stand for trees, the windows that all have different shapes, the stairs and the balcony's everything is different but it is great to see how it fits perfectly together. So after the Kuchlbauer Art House and the brewery tour this was for me the highlight of the day. For this tower i came to Abensberg. The art and the architecture of the Art House was great The tour in the brewery was excellent but the tower was, for me, magnificent.

So here are some photo's from the Kuchlbauer Tower.

Kuchlbauer Tower

Green and shiny

Kuchlbauer Tower Kuchlbauer Tower Kuchlbauer TowerKuchlbauer Tower

Kuchlbauer Tower Kuchlbauer Tower Kuchlbauer TowerKuchlbauer Tower

Kuchlbauer Tower Kuchlbauer TowerKuchlbauer Tower

Now you have a little impression how the Kuchlbauer turm looks like. On top you have a great view over the city of Abensberg. So if you have the oppertunity to go there go and see for yourself how impressive and magnificent the architecture of Friedensreich Hundertwasser is.

I known for sure you will enjoy it if it only was for the view on top of the tower. Architecture and art on a high level.

 Kuchlbauer Tower

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